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작성자 Marlon 작성일23-01-28 07:48 조회46회 댓글0건


bidencash bingo - a platform for bidencash vodka selling cards from hackers, for hackers. I have come a long way from buying bank cards to hacking shops and selling my bank cards in other shops. Based on my experience, I realized that none of the stores is convenient for buying or selling cards, and I decided to make my own, which takes into account the pros and cons of all bank card stores on the Internet!

At the moment, I have filled in more than 2.5 million bank cards!

Among the features of the store I would like to note:
1. Intuitive and not overloaded interface
2. Easy replenishment system
3. Three-level loyalty system
4. Referral system
5. System of pre-orders and auto-buying
6. Nice ticket system
7. Two-factor authentication system
8. GPG account recovery
9. Discount section
10. Sales statistics for suppliers
11. Moderation system for downloaded databases (the supplier himself can put a markdown on the database, glue the leftovers from unsold databases, upload new games without the need to communicate with the support)
12. Instant refund system

I am both the owner of this site and the programmer and supplier of maps at the moment. I will try to do everything possible to ensure that working with us is as profitable and comfortable as possible for you.

The assortment is updated once a day using my resources, which will allow even the most sophisticated buyers to find material.

To discuss controversial issues and bidencash cc terms of cooperation, only the ticket system in the store is used, I try to respond to all tickets as quickly as possible.

Suppliers are offered the best conditions on the market!

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